The Dog Walker

I’m a dog walker. All kinds, big and small, I take dogs for a walk and let them socialize with other dogs. Normally I don’t listen in to their conversations, but lately they have been getting weird.

There’s been talk about why they have to be licensed and why they have to have an owner. I pointed out that unless they had an owner they would have to live in wild, in the weather, fending for themselves, and there’s no TV in wild.

That quieted them down, but a couple wondered why they couldn’t own themselves and buy a place to stay. I said, “Well, if you got to do that, cats get to do that too.”

That’s all it took, They pretty much said “nuts to cats” and decided that being owned wasn’t bad. They got to chase balls, get 2 or 3 square meals a day, and don’t have to do lick of work for any of that.

I smiled and said, “Yeah you don’t have to get a job work’n 8 to 10 hours a day for a lousy paycheck.”

They all agreed that was a definite benefit. We ended the day with a run in the park. Dogs are easy to please.

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