Mind Games

“Listen to me, get on the train.” He said in a nervous tone.
“No, i’m not leaving you.” she replied, tears streaking her face.
“Take the kids, get on the train and leave, get as far away from here as possible.” he said looking around anxiously.
He looked over his shoulder and his face changed to a look of sheer horror. He then pushed his wife and kids onto the train. The doors closed and the train began pulling away. The sound of gunshots filled the terminal. The husband fell to the floor in a puddle of blood, the wife pressed up the window of the departing train screaming as tears fell from her face.
It had been an hour since she had seen her husband fataly shot on the train platform. She was sitting with her two children as the train flew past the land outside.
The door to the car opened, two men in black suits entered. She whispered to her children.
“Let’s play a game of hide and seek, go to the other cars and hide.” she said sending them off.

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