Misstress Conception

Suddenly, there was a grinding, and Tessa squealed.
“What was that?!” Perry whisper-shouted to Connie.
Connie told them, to act natural, and they did. A door they didn’t know was there opened, and a thing walked out.
I say a thing, because it was definitely not a human, though it did have the body of a human.
A pregnant woman, to be exact. The head, though, was like that of a rabbit. With a large unicorn’s horn coming out of the front.
“What is that?!!?” Tessa screamed, unable to hold in her thoughts anymore.
“That the queen of Charlestown, Mistress Conception.”
What followed was a series of clicks and pops that appeared to be the rabbit head communicating to them.
Connie opened the guide, and out popped a little worm.
“Put it in your ear!” Connie demanded.
Connie shoved the worm into Tessas ear and the clicks and pops slowly formed into words.
“That’s MISS Conception to you.”

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