Misstress Conception?

With that, they were put in a wet, sticky room.
Tessa was not pleased. Connie could tell from the way she screamed profanities.
“Who is this Miss Conception, eh?!” she asked, eventually calming down. This allowed Connie to open the Guide to page 42.
Miss Conception, the Guide said,One of the only rabbites left in the universe, she is thought to hold the child of another Rabbite, hopefully restarting the civilization once thought to be the Galactic version of China.
With that, the guide closed itself, and reopened seconds later.
Some people say she is very untrustworthy, and should be treated as such. If one does come in contact with her, the best course of action would be to give her carrots. If one does not have carrots, one should hide under their bed and say their prayers.
The Guide closed itself again.
“Well, this is great.” Tessa said, “This is perfect, do any of us have carrots?”

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