A useful talent (Elsha's Cyberpunk series)

“Geez, you said what I brought was useless?!!!” I raged at Acrylic. “A Blaze Rifle? MegaCorp’s suits are fireproof!” Acrylic paid no attention to me, instead aiming at the vacuum dumpster.

“Hang on to me!”
“What, are you craz-”

I grabbed Acrylic’s arm as he pulled the trigger towards the dumster. Suddenly, the indicator lights all began flashing, and the vacuum dumster began operating far beyond factory standards. I felt the vacuum pulling at me, my grip on Acrylic’s arm beginning to fail as I got pulled closer to the dumpster. Wait. I suddenly realized how Acrylic was still stuck firmly to the ground, and activated my own Mag-boots. I fell to the ground with a thump as they kicked in, just in time to see the MegaCorp agents fly over my head and into the dumpster, which made grinding sounds for a few seconds before stopping with a ding.

“Custom Nano-rifle” Acrylic said, blowing the smoke from the end of it. “Never leave home without one”
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