Girl in the Mirror

I never believed in love until this very moment. I place my hand upon my chest and my hearts rhythm danced as fast as the wings of a delicate humming bird. My cheeks burnt with a comforting inferno that melted the chains that had imprisoned my lonely heart. All problems of yester year and fears for tomorrow vanished, the dark clouds that once filled my sky were being pierced by a ray of hope that caressed my very soul. My stomach fluttered as the butterfly’s wings brushed my insides with a giddy excitement. I looked into the vibrant expansion of blue and found myself walking among a bountiful eternity full hopes and dreams for a bright future. At this very moment in time I was touched by a realization that I could not deny. For all this time I had made one very big mistake that made my life seem doomed. But now the shackles of restraint were lifted for I found the person I needed to love for my life to be complete. I reached out to touch the perfect face, my hand met the cool surface of the mirror.

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