When my brain malfunctioned

“Oh damn, we had an appointment with the broker today right?” “Honey, is that the only thing you think you have forgotten?”, asked my wife in a tone so sweet that I almost missed the sarcasm.
I seem to have forgotten why I want to buy a new house in the first place. Wait, do I have enough funds for a new house? Wait which bank safeguards my funds? Let me try and query my brain for lost data recovery. I’m sure I knew all these answers till morning today. The data seems to have been lost all too suddenly. Do I specialize in databases? Oh, wait that means my storage engine is functioning erroneously. It needs to be repaired. If its working fine, then I guess the relational engine has failed to update some reference. To debug this, I will need to use the interface drivers. But those drivers are me itself right?
Wait, am I ending up in an infinite loop? My DBMS has an infinite loop? Am I a DBMS?
“I found a bug”. “Yes David, go to sleep its 3am!” “But, there’s a loop an infinite one”
“David, please lets sleep "

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