Can't Take Any More

She sat on her bed staring into blank space. She didn’t move a muscle. Nothing on her moved except the constant stream of silent tears running down her face. There was an onslot of thoughts fighting for center-stage in her mind.

Nothing was going the way it was suppose to. Her life seemed to be spiraling out of control and she was doing nothing to stop it. When she was a little girl she pictured her high school years much different from what they were turning out to be.

The tears continued to fall as she stood up. She was helpless, powerless, and pathetic. She was just a little girl with her hopes to high and unable to face reality. She was always going to be the girl on the side lines that doesn’t actually get an playing time.

She turned on her radio as loud as she could. The music hurt her ears, but the voices inside her only got louder and more persistant.

She buried her head in her pillow and screamed, “Just leave me alone! I can’t take any more of this!”

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