The chain on his bicycle is a rusty red. Strapped to the back of the bicycle is a small traveling wardrobe. Inside there is a violin and a fine tea set. He is wearing his best suit and hat. He has sold everything else he owned.
Several years ago, he saw a small musical production. The show was nothing spectacular but he fell in love during the performance. If he had stayed a little longer he may have met the cast and the woman who had played a deer in the chorus.
Since that night, he has seen every show she has been in. He doesn’t even have her autograph. He fears that she will not be as perfect as she appears under the bright lights and the heavy make-up.
In his dreams she is the queen of the fairies. She wears a dress of woven silver and rose petals. They meet at night under the canopy of a large mushroom. She asks him to watch over her while she witnesses humanity from the stage. Her language is not one that he understands but he reads her meaning in her eyes and the grace of her movements.

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