I wish I believed you

“How long has it been since,” I paused, " since it happened?"
Darrell checked his watch, “About five hours.” They were all trying to hide the worry on their faces, they knew that stuff bothered me.
“I know you guys are worried, but it’s going to be fine so stop.” I said.
“No.” Will shook his head. “He was going after me, I should be the one in this bed, not you.” He said holding my hand, I could hear the pain in his voice.
“Don’t you-” I gasped, I tried to move and felt a very sharp pain in my stomach. Anne jumped up from the bench and came to my side, Darrell was close behind.
“I’m fine.” I gasped, but I couldn’t hold back the tears, the pain was unbearable.
“She doesn’t want you to blame yourself Will,” Anne said, looking acrossed at Will, who was now in tears. “But Fay, this isn’t your fault either, Shane is crazy and you couldn’t have done anything to stop this.” Anne always knew the right thing to say, even if the truth did hurt sometimes, she said it anyways.
“I wish I believed you.” I whispered.

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