He was gone.
She was alone for the first time in months, her darkest years flooded back to her, the lonlieness and fear of her past. That lonliness changed because of him. It changed when she met him. Not instantly though.
At first it was worse, choosing between the three; smart, funny, loyal.
All three loved her, they would do anything for her, anything to win her.
She loved them back.
A choice had to be made, she had to hurt two of them. Had to crush their hearts. She couldn’t do it. Not at first. And it killed her. The compitition for her heart hurt her each time she got closer to them, knowing what she eventually had to do.
But secretly, she had already chosen.
Devante Garcia.
Crushing the other two was beyond her. Devante knew he won. The others didn’t, and when they did despair crashed down on her like an ocean wave when the one who loved her the longest told her that she could be with the one she chose. His heart was broken and she felt his pain.

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