A Different Sort of Battle

Finally, Zibin realized, there was peace. The Ottomans had finally been warned away, and Britain had pledged her aid.

There was a different sort of battle going on in the streets, though.

Zibin’s country had jumped on the bandwagon of industrialization. Initially, it had started in the farms, multiplying greatly the amount of food his country produced. Then, similar applications had led to jumps in some newfangled thing called “mass production,” and his cities exploded in population. His civilization was prosperous like never before.

And yet there was unrest.

Several of Britain’s colonies had just broken away from her great empire and formed their own nation, the United States of America. They were trying out a type of government called “democracy.” The people wanted this for themselves. They thought that if they picked their leaders, life would be better and fairer.

Zibin laughed at the stupidity of his people. They needed him. If they ruled themselves, they would surely fail. He wasn’t going anywhere.

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