So easy, yet so tiring

Depression has set in.

I can’t feel anything anymore, I’m numb to it all.

Of course, stating that I’m depressed simply means I’m sane enough to know it… which changes mostly nothing. Mostly nothing.

I’m not sure if it’s the one I love living halfway around the world, the closest and yet the farthest away from me… hating and loving everyone around me, then feeling awful while they slave away for no reason to further their own destiny, death… it’s enough to question the presence of good, of right. Love may not even be real, just a reaction to society… got to fit in, got to make do, got to be somebody.

I’ll have to lead on, push on, pull through. The rain can’t stop me, nor the sleet, nor the hail. The only person who can stop me now is myself.

Who else could be so easy, and yet so tiring, to convince?

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