B is for Bravery

Why had all the noise stopped? Those things outside were pounding and shaking his shelter — the portapotty — not a minute before. And now, nothing.

Then a shrill scream pierced the air. It was a woman’s terrified voice. Zed understood. He screamed just like that a few hours ago, when he stumbled upon this nest of the undead. Undead… God, that makes me sound like a geek.

Zed peeped out the small slits cut in the portapotty door. He saw the woman, probably in her early thirties, wearing a pants-suit, running away from a horde of shuffling zombies. With grim determination they moved toward her, faster than you would have thought possible.

She was running toward the construction site across the street. But he knew there were more creatures waiting there. Were they actually smart enough to herd her to into a trap?

Zed didn’t have time to ponder about it, he had to stop her before she opened the gate.

“Wait! Stop!” He yelled.

She turned to look at the talking portapotty. The gate opened behind her.

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