Stepping on Feet

My dirt blonde hair flaps just barely in the breeze. I walk down the street looking around as if trying to see the impossible. Trying to find secrets of the world. Trying to figure out why I am here. Why things are the way they are.

While glancing around, I just about run into someone. As person side-steps to dodge me, I walk foreword and step on the person’s feet.

“Sorry,” I say and on instinct look down.

I see the traditional Converse shoes. Looking up, I see a smile. A boy, must be around my age and a bit taller than me, is looking back with his brown eyes. His smile is genuine and his hand moves a piece of his thick dark brown hair across and up. I look away in embarrassment. Its one thing to almost run into a guy, but it’s another to almost run into a really cute guy.

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