Acrylic holstered the still-smoking gun in a fluid movement. “There is no one around,” he noted, “but there are several units in the near vicinity who will be here in a few moments.” He wrinkled his brow. “Ah. Well, I have turned the cameras off. Now, my dear, we must hurry.”

“Why can’t you just shut down the traffic lights and everything?” I asked.

“You can’t do everything at once,” Acrylic said. “At least, not yet. A few low-level hacks here and there, yes, but at this stage, mass cracks would be catastrophic.” He gestured towards the wall. “Won’t you come in?”

“It’s a brick wall,” I protested.

“No problem,” he replied. “I’ll just ask the doorman to let us in.” He moved to the wall and tapped his knuckle on a brick about shoulder-height up. “Hello, Rudy,” he intoned.

Instantly, eyes opened on two bricks.

“Rudy,” Acrylic said, “meet Elsha. Elsha, Rudy.”

Enchant√©,” the brick being said. He shifted, the bricks hinging down, and revealed a gap in the wall.

“Down the rabbit hole,” Acrylic chuckled.

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