Eight Legs, One Demand

“Humans! This is your only warning. We, the Arachnid Nation, declare our sovereignty and will to be given the respect we deserve!” The spider said, it’s multifaceted eyes sparkling. It’s visage was being displayed in a secret room, where secret plans were usually made by those who sat around the long table.

“Good lord! Spiders from outer-space!” Exclaimed a four star general.

“What? Who said anything about outer space? I’m from Jersey.” The spider scoffed.

The general’s expression soured. “Even worse.”

“Oh no, we too are from Earth. And long have we have toiled beneath your stinking primate feet. For countless generations we have been growing, adapting, yes, even evolving! But do humans notice? Fuhgedaboutit.” The spider paused, seeming to ponder this injustice.

“But that time has passed! We are now claiming our place as the dominant species on this planet. You are hereby given notice, humanoids. You have 30 days to evacuate! After that all mammalians still on Earth shall be… Exterminated.”

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