The stagecoach

Jamie was a man with a heart of ice and stone,
Daniel was his lover, keeping a mean clean home,
Together they were terror, apart just plain bad,
But Daniel had his secrets, and Jamie had Daniel’s dad.

Came a day when Daniel said,
“The money’s gone, we can’t buy no bread,”
So Jamie, with a glint of evil in his eye,
Laid out a plan that would see them getting by.

They lurked together late at night, on the Moorland road,
Waiting for the stagecoach taking post to Abbots Hold,
Jamie had a gun and a pocket full of ammo,
Daniel had a knife and was dressed up all in camo.

But when the stagecoach halted later on that night,
The road was blocked by brigands, but in the middle of a fight,
Jamie bled from several wounds, inflicted by Daniel’s knife,
Who was screaming at his lover that he was Jamie’s wife.

So Jamie died and found a pauper’s grave at last,
Daniel hanged for killing him, and as he fell he cast
A baleful look his father’s way, for the wrong he’d done,
And said that after that, he was not his son.

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