Finally (Just A Little Inspiration Challenge)

With a sigh and an encouraging smile of a guy looking at me, I start talking. And so the words just keep flowing. Everything I have wanted to say to him comes out. Not in a flurry though, but in a smooth flow like a slow song. I just stare into his eyes and let the worlds keep going.

“I like you, I always have. I don’t know if you feel the same, but I am saying it anyway. I’m done waiting for something to happen. I am done waiting for time to pass. I am done looking into your eyes and thinking what could be how I want it to be. I am sick of being afraid to tell you, to tell anyone, how I feel deep down. So here I am, telling you how I feel. Now do with it what you want.”

I stop and take a breath. A huge weight has been lifted and I realize that even if he turns me down, I finally did one of the hardest things for me to do. Before I could even wait for an answer, his leans in and his lips are on mine. It’s an explosion of feeling all at once that I can’t quiet comprehend.

“Finally,” I say when we part.

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