I wish...

“Mom..please just this once.. listen to me!! " The pink glossed lips beseeched, the reason was so trivial like most 14 yr old things seemed to me..“MOM..PLEASSSE…”’s weariness snapped at the stubborn pink pout , “no, not on my life, after that its your choice” …the pout suddenly gave way to a serious pink line…“Mom, I’m not going to outlive you…”..line relaxed into a pink rainbow before skipping away..“I just know that I am not gonna lose the person I love the most in this world,OK”. The words refused to leave me.. my life without the pink grin…the more I thought..yes, thats what I would do…leave..forever..tonight…kiss my baby n leave…night came with its promise of darkness and the aroma of her fav freshly baked cookies, which made the pink smack in pure delight… cell beeped with her call.. it wasn’t her voice…a rush in blind panic to the slick road…my baby was lying with her pink bow ruefully upturned…"Mom…please just this once.. wish you had listened to me.. "

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