Under the October Moon

As Danny pulled into his driveway, his mom was outside gardening. She called to him and asked him to take the trash can into the garage. Knowing how she got when he did not do this, he silently obliged and took it into the garage. Kimmie struck up a conversation with Danny’s mom. When Danny emerged from the garage, he and Kimmie went inside to get something to eat.
“So what is on for the break?” Kimmie asked.
“Gary’s party tonight, sleep, work, and plenty of time with you” was Danny’s reply. Kimmie smiled and kissed her boyfriend. Gary was Danny’s best friend and his party tonight was going to be crazy, so the rumors told. It was the best way to celebrate the freedom from school and the two of them were not about to miss out on a great party.
“I am going over early to help him set up. Wanna come?” Danny questioned. Kimmie nodded and kissed him again. Both went upstairs to Danny’s room to watch a movie. As Dan put in the dvd, one look from Kimmie told him that it was going to be a good break.

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