C is for Change

Zed has never considered himself a brave man. Not a coward, mind you, just not brave. He avoids “taking action” whenever possible. He would much rather watch someone else handle a situation, then comment on it later. But there was no one else this time. He could feel something within himself galvanize as he watched the woman being pulled through the gate.

He burst out of the portapotty, screaming at the top of his lungs. “Unhand her!” Unhand her? Really? I’ve watched too many B movies.

Perhaps he might have said later that he noticed the zombies weren’t very dextrous. That he felt safe running directly toward a crowd of these monsters because he was sure they couldn’t react quickly enough to do him harm. But that would be a lie. He ran towards them without thinking it through. Playing the hero.

As he ran, she and the horde disappeared behind the construction area’s fence. It was tall and solid, so he couldn’t see where they’d gone. He could only hear her screams. So he followed them.

What am I doing?

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