Jesi we loved you.
We knew you more each day.
Words cannot describe feelings
when you passed away.
I thought you and Eddie-Joe
would live on forever.
You were the perfect example.
of belonging together.

I feel for Eddie-Joe,
the coolest guy in the world.
His one true love left,
Jesi, you were his girl.
For thousands of years,
man has tried to reach
the kind of loved that
you’d achieved.

And a fantastic writer,
I could never forget.
The Third Chair Gets Heard?
One of the best.
Jesi we loved you.
You know, we still do.
And for Eddie-Joe, please,
don’t forget. We’re here for you.

“The third chair trumpet, I felt no nerves at all as I slicked my pretty pencil lips.
My fingers don’t shiver with pugilistic pulsing on the valves
Jazz the niggers called it
should be felt in my virgin hips”

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