Loss of Words

I never met her.
She never met me.
Yet she’s helped me
more that she could have dreamed.
I don’t know if I really would have followed through,
but she saved my life that night, just four short days ago.
She helped me more than any counselor
any mother
any therapist
any friend ever has.
I look over the words she said that night and can’t even believe that God would take someone so great.
She saw the beauty in me when no one else did.
She believed in me when no one else did.
She loved me when no one else did.
And she taught me how to love myself again.
But now I can only hate myself for not knowing her sooner.
“So you will, maybe even on accident, change the world. You don’t have to believe in yourself, just believe in me. And I believe in you.”

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