The League of Awesomeness sat in rows of crappy plastic lawn chairs. But they didn’t care about that. All they could do was look up at the podium and listen to Eddie-Joe. “Dear fellow members of the League of Awesomeness, I have very sad news.” But he needn’t explain. The tears flowed away. They all knew what had happened. Eddie-Joe saw this and knew that it was good. He wouldn’t have to speak. The League all joined together in a giant clusterfuck of a hug, and a small fish crept out of the shadows like the big Mexican ninja he was. He took to the podium to have a few words.
“Today I have realized that something inside of me is missing.”
The group turned to listen.
“Y’know, Jesi was like a mom to me. And, God. I don’t know what else to say. She made me realize that I was truly awesome, and that though we all may have a little fail inside, I am awesome. Uh… yeah.”
“Welcome to the LoA, Fish. We’ve been waiting for you.” Eddie Joe said. “I now pronounce you, the Official Fish of Awesomeness!”

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