Man; Observation for Desk of All Gods In Enquiry (1)

The life tree grows.

The first thing I remember about humans is the yelling. At that point things were dark. Dark and boring, that’s what the stone age was. You wouldn’t believe the dialogue. It starts raining.

They say: Rain.
Then the others say: Rain.
Then lightning strikes one and then he says: No like rain.
Really moving stuff.

What was fun; a guy named Poolicka. He figured a way to crack small nuts with his pinkie fingers and so the tribe had nominated him leader. His run as king lasted three weeks. He was leading the men on a hunt when the ground shook, things fell from the their hands; stone tools, rocks and nuts to crack. The ground cracked open and the items fell in. Poolicka announced: Ground hungry.

P to the Licka ordered his fattest men to march into the gaping hole. However, this did not satisfy the ground. Poolicka decided to split his tribe. Half would go down into Earth: to emerge with the source of the problem and the men or vanquish. The other: to keep life above. And so they did.

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