Like a light in darkness

She was like a candle,
Shining with all her might,
Too brief was the time that she
Was allowed to share her light.

I barely knew the light she cast
Before it became dark
I barely heard the song she sang
Like a nightingale or lark

In a place that’s real, outside of time
She now sits to watch and wait.
Until the time to join her again
Just inside heavens gate.

She was like a candle
A light cast in the dark.
Her light it fell on each of us
It could not miss its mark.

If we were to hold a mirror up
To reflect to you her light,
A thousand thousand sparkles
Would shine throughout the night

And reflections on reflections
Would propagate around
Until the night was like the day
And sunlight did abound.

We’ll miss you Jesi, our dear “Not You”
And tears we’ll surely shed
We know you live, and always shall
This promise God hath said.

Until the time we meet again
I will just say adieu
And pray dear God to give us strength
To help us carry through

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