Summer Loving 8

“Aw, I’m really sorry you stomache hurts Kim! Maybe next time you can stay longer. "
“See you soon!”
“Bye Vanessa!”
I waved goodbye and walked out front. Then I sat on the porch waiting for my dad to come. After about ten minutes, someone sat down next to me. I side-glanced. Oh, Great. You can probably guess who it was.
“What are you doing here!?”
He shrugged. “Stomache ache.”
I rolled my eyes. “Why do you keep following me?”
“Why do you keep ignoring me?”
“Because I want to!”
“Then thats why I’m following you.”
“You could be really annoying sometimes.”
A smile lit his face. I couldn’t help noticing how white his teeth were.
“Isn’t everyone.?”
I sighed. “I guess.”
“Oh, heres your phone. I added myself.”
“You free tommarow?”
“Oh, just wondering. Maybe I can give you some batting tips.”
“Yeah, like I need tips.”
He shrugged. “Suit yourself.”
I took a deep breath.
“Well maybe your right.”
Then my dad pulled up.
“I’ll text you.”
“Whatever.” I mumbled.
But I was secretly pleased.

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