Miles from home

Regardless of the consistent news reports that plagued the TV screens about a zombie outbreak in London, society outside the infected area continued serenly. The concern was surprisingly minimal. David got off the train and set off on his five minute walk home. His wife Joanna was making hotpot and he could taste it already, trying to hide the smile as he was walking alone.

David opened the door and noticed there were no lights on. “Joanna”, he said in a low answer. Then in a shout “Joanna”..still nothing. He walked into the kitchen where he assumed she would be.

He didn’t scream he just stared at the floor, his heart beating so fast he thought it would burst out. Joanna’s insides had vanished and the man found meat on her leg. He turned to look at David (fresh meat). David could not think like a human, he lost his love, his best friend. He acted without thinking, he lay on the floor and held Joanna’s hand and began crying.

The man chewed excitedly on David’s stomach. David passed out. Lost.

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