The King and Eye

The guards grunted and allowed Matt through to Mayor Aii’s office. A tough old Japanese broad, she had been running Tucson for 12 years with a fair measure of success. Everybody called her ‘Eye’ because first, it was close enough to how her name is pronounced, and second, she always seemed to know what was going on in her city. She wouldn’t have been Mayor for long otherwise. Matt didn’t vote for her, but then, nobody had.

“Take a seat, Matt. How’s your van?”

Dreadnought,” Matt growled. “It’s name is Dreadnought.”

“Nice name. What did you bring in this time?”

“Big RV. ’N the doc that came with it.”

“Oh? What about the merc?”

Matt shrugged. “What about him?”

“Not a friend? You know my immigration policies, Matt. Nobody lives here without my word. But that’s not what I brought you here for. Tucson needs your help.”

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