An Eye for Eye

The Mayor paused for a response from Matt but got none. “I consider you the second most important person in Tucson, Matt.” Number one was obvious.

“I’m not a citizen of Tucson,” Matt spat out.

“Hush now; I grant you honorary citizenship, whether or not you want it.” She tried a different tack. “Matt, Tucson lives on the knife edge. We have to import our food and our weapons, for the most part. And our trade advantage is getting worse, trading more food for less weapons. Mexico Norte is kept at bay by our strong defenses and our merc army, but we are making the Cartel’s army stronger every month. Tucson cannot survive a siege, Matt, and I fear one coming.”

“A messenger arrived from the U.S.T. Wednesday evening. It seems that The United States of Texas are now trading with a Republic of the Great Lakes. A rich RGL. Matt, I’m appointing you the Ambassador of Gadsden Free State to the Republic of the Great Lakes. I need you to establish contact with their government.”

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