The King of the Road accepts his Quest

Matt was momentarily stunned. The leathery old bat actually loved her city?!? Heh, tough love. And, he had never considered being a leader of men. He quickly realized that Eye was probably right.

Two months, huh? he thought. Wonder if I can make it there and back in time?

“Tucson sucks, Eye. I’ve been looking to get out of here anyway. But I was thinking California.”

“If you’re looking for a bribe, I already gave it to you, it’s that writ. I’m letting you name your own price, Matt, and I’m not even asking how much.”

“Bribe accepted.” A wry smile fixed on Matt’s lips. “But you said that I’m not exiled, I’m your Ambassador. You have some message for me to bring? And some diplomatic papers? Dreadnought puts the fear in people, gotta let ‘em know I’m friendly,” he said, smile still affixed. Eye nodded and handed him a thick envelope.

“Texas knows you are coming. They are in a war with the Republic of the Mississippi River for New Orleans. Good luck getting through the RMR. How soon can you leave?”

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