Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Matt considered for a second. “I’ll let you know tomorrow morning. And now that I’ve accepted this responsibility, I’d like it if you answered a question for me: why do you consider me the second most important person in Tucson?”

“Everybody knows you. I don’t know if they like you, but everybody knows you. It’s your Dreadnought. Unique, nobody here has ever seen anything close to it. You can’t haul as much as a mule train, yet you are responsible for nearly half of our metals market and a quarter of our petroleum and plastics market, and you bring in the goods at far lower cost. You have run barricades multiple times to bring food back to a near starving city. With Dreadnought, your truck that you built with your own hands! You’re the closest thing we have to a national treasure! You have brought word of our Tucson out into Deseret, Utah, Texas and Occidentia. You are already our de facto Ambassador. I just gave you a job and an assignment. Please, let me know in the morning.” Matt left to go prepare.

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