Diary of a King: Early (and Late) Midieval Times

Whoa. Okay.
So… like, today, bro, my friends and I were lighting up, and some guy dressed in, like, all black or something was just like, “Hello, fellow knights!” and my mates were like, dude, chill out, and we passed him the bong.
And this dude grabs the bong and just smashes it against his knee.
Not Cool.
So me and my friends stand up, and were like, dude, what the hell bra? I’m the king, you can’t smash the kings royal bong.
And we totally unsheathed our weapons, and got ready to kick some black ass.
And so, long story short, this dude ended up totally slaughtering the three of us, and I’m writing this as like my dying words or whatever.
I don’t know, man. There’s blood coming out of my stomach, but it’s whatever.
Man, it’s hard being king, bro.

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