Twirls & Spins

She tipped toed through the puddles in the dark red cobber stone pavement
With a romantic song playing in her head, she was floating on every musical note,
Her hands swam through the heavy winds,
Her hair blew around her as if she was stuck in a tornado,
Her bright smile spun around as if she was the light house
Shinning his way for his ship to come through the fog,
If she had it her way, the clouds would become steps,
The city lights would become her throne
The rain would make her a dark red stone path
The fog would be her dress that would hypnotize him
As she spun with excitement, he gripped her waist
Slid his hands up by her bra straps
Stop her in midway turn.
“Hello” he whispered with his eyes
She melted in his arms as she nodded back
“Can I have this dance?” whispered his body language.
She smiled, and allowed him take lead.
He took her hand, give her a beautiful star
Danced around the rings and moon dust particles
He let go of one hand,twirled her into a kiss, to silence her for the rest of the night.

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