Don't delete my save!

He didn’t know what to do. He hadn’t expected to be put in this situation and it hurt more than it should have, considering everything that he’d been through before now. To go ahead with it was to erase the last remnant he had of the man he’d called his dad since the age of six. Every moment they had shared and every lesson his stepfather had taught him, everything he knew about how to be a good man… all of it had been undone in the last couple of months. Thirteen years as father and son thrown away like an old book.

Thirteen goddamn years and the only thing he had left of his dad was an old Madden game save on a ps2 memory card. Deleting it meant admitting that the man his father used to be was gone. It meant admitting his family would never be whole again…

…But, on the other hand, leaving it there meant that he couldn’t fit anything else on the memory card, and he’d just picked up a few cheap games from the mall…

“You said your goodbyes, so I guess I’m saying mine.”

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