My big brown boots

On the day he left I walked the streets
I lost my shoes, my feet were bare
You took my hand and led me home
You found my clothes and combed my hair
You took me from the foreign place
You led me from the burning tar
And washed my devastated feet
You packed a bag and cooked a meal.

When I got back I found these boots
Long and brown and thick and warm
I walked for miles to test their soles
They brought no blisters, brought no harm
Now I walk through fire and snow
On stony paths and muddy fields
No stone or thorn can get inside
Where my small feet are held and healed.

You found me on that shattered day
That day of bare and broken feet
You scooped me up and set me down
My damaged stem, my damaged roots
You took my hand and led me home
To where I’d find my big brown boots.

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