Hesitantly Robert clicked on the link that one of his friends had sent him with the subject PORN and the warning: Don’t look at this!!!!! While he waited for what seemed like an eternity for the image to download, he forwarded the link to all his friends, his dick already hardening in anticipation.

Hair, splayed out in a halo around her smooth forehead.
Eyes, a deep watery blue piercing stare, that said, I know what I’m doing and I know what’s going to happen to you.
Ears, with iPod plugged in.
Nose, perfectly sitting there in a sea of flushed freckles.
Mouth, red lips, lightly parted, teeth almost visible, not smiling but happy.
Neck, with slight dimples at the collarbone.
Her breasts with nipples erect like cherries on top of C-cupcakes.
Navel, pubic hair, with her hand still resting there – masturbating.
Under her curvy butt a single feather.

somebody photographed a masturbating angel thougt Robert and then his dick exploded spraying blood and semen everywhere.

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