Premonition: New Comer

“What are you talking about?” Shay asks.

“A new girl is coming today. She should be here in a matter of seconds.” I explain. As I predicted, the same girl walks into the room. I nod to Shay, symbolizing that thats her.

“She’s powerful? Whats her power?”

“I dont know, exactly. Either she isnt it using it anytime in the near future or she hasnt discovered it yet.”

“But is that natural, to not know your power?”

“Well, I dont know. I didnt discover I had telekenises till I met you.”

“Yeah, but you knew about your precognition power ever since you were little.”

“I guess we’re all different, but we should go talk to her.” I suggest. Shay agress and we head to the back of the room to meet her. She looks up from the book she opened up a few seconds ago and looks up.

“Hi, I’m Shay and this is Gabe,” Shay introduces.

“Hello, I am—my name’s Shelby.” Her smile is a bit forced. Shay and I smile and start to walk away. Fire. The book is turning on fire. She’s scared and drops it. The whole school is burning!

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