In a town called Dersingham

It was 3:00 am and a young boy called James lay asleep in the train heading for Ipswich . “Wake up james” a quiet but gentle voice came James opened his eyes it was his mother sitting next to him, “Wha?” his sentence was cut short by a massive jolt that sent every carriage off the rails Jack screamed in horror infact everyone did. His mother gripped Jacks leg reapeating over and over again “we will be alright” soon after two men in blue and black coats arrived telling everyone to stay put and help will be here soon.

But they didn’t arrive soon they never arrived at all “Its about time we go out there and see whats going on” shouted a man in a grey tatty cloak he and several other people left the carriage, Jacks mother soon followed and told jack to stay close to his side. What was strange was they and the passengers were the only people on that train the staff had seemed to dissapear “HERE” the strange man in the cloak yelled what he saw was a sign for Dersingham.

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