And Then Came The Burlap and BCGs

No one paid attention as HR246803 made its way slowly through Congress. No one noticed as it passed and was signed by President Beige. It wasn’t until she nominated the new Secretary for the Department of Conformity that we started paying attention. We were all a little puzzled when she talked about the outlandish fashions the kids were wearing today – showing too much of this, this part was cut too high and that was cut too low.

When the beige burlap jumpsuits and BCG’s showed up, you can bet we all paid attention. Everyone was issued ten jumpsuits and two pairs of BCG’s that had to be worn at all times when out in public. We thought it was stupid, but it definitely saved money on clothes.

It started slowly, with FRANKIE SAYS WEAR COTTON buttons hidden under pocket flaps. The kids, forced to wear only burlap, resorted to creative new hairstyles and fantastic face paint.

The revolution started, not with guns and bombs, but with lipstick and face paint.

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