Moment; Moment Lost

I looked into Tyson’s clear blue eyes. He walked up close to me. Close enough for me to breath in the scent that was uniquly his. I swayed ever so slightly. I enjoyed his scent a little to much; just a quick wiff and I was already drunk from it.

The whole world dropped away. I didn’t notice anyone moving around us at all. Time seemed to stop functioning as our eyes were locked together and he was much closer the me then he should have been. He gazed down upon my face, and I gazed up at his. We took in the details that were both comfortingly familiar and eerily forgien.

Then someone cleared their throats, obviously trying to get our attentions, and I stepped back. My face was flushed and my heartbeat erratic. This was the normal reaction I got when someone looked at me. But then, this was just any someone.

The moment was gone as we turned to see Caleb standing there with a weird expression on his face.

“Hey, man..” He said a little hesitantly. “Where’s my sister, your girlfriend?”

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