A desperate plea.

She never thought it’d come to this. She never thought he’d be lying there in his own blood. Would they believe it was self defense? She started to scratch his lifeless body, started ripping his hair out, started to give herself a black eye, a bloody nose, bruises. The fact was he always knew how to control her without the rest of the world ever having the slightest idea. The house was nothing but a broken home anymore and although he never broke anything on her, he completely destroyed any sense of self she had. Everyday she dealt with it, the hatred, the accusations, the physical abuse that just wasn’t physical enough to leave a mark, the mental games. What was she supposed to do when she had no where to turn? No family, no real friends. She got him drunk and she stabbed him. After disguising herself in intentional bruises she tore apart the bedroom, wiped her blood on the walls, ripped the curtains down, everything possible to make it look real and then called the police. Now she sits on her bed and waits.

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