Make them believe.

Police arrived to find her a complete mess and him with multiple stab wounds. She had told the 911 operator that he was drunk and tried to rape her again and so she stabbed him and that she said she was too scared to check if he was breathing, that she was wrapped up on the bed just wanting to die. The operator reassured her that police were on the way and to get out of the house. She looked brutalized, like someone who had just fought off a mob all by herself and the detective said he was amazed that she even got off one swing of the knife. The room looked like a tornado had went through but the detective had a look of skepticism in his eyes. She had to sell her part, had to make them believe, she couldn’t go to jail just because he had never left a mark before. They weren’t going to believe her if she tried to speak of anything else he’s done so she had to make him out to be a monster. She hadn’t thought it out, she just got the idea and wanted it done. The detective began to wonder. She was scared.

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