Lily (sexual content)

Lily was glad she didn’t have a roommate because she spent many weekends alone, late at night, exploring her own body, desperate for another’s touch to take her away. One night her friend, Katie, decided to surprise her, insisting she need to get out of the college text books and on to the local scene. Katie walked in around midnight without knocking and heard the low moaning, only she didn’t see anyone under the covers with Lily, only her hand moving gently, then fast, gently, then fast over her own vagina. Katie gasped and Lily jumped to her feet embarrassed! Katie insisted she didn’t see anything and didn’t mean to startle her but Lily knew better. Katie was the closest thing Lily had to a best friend so she decided to open up a little. She was desperate for intimacy with a man so she confided in Katie, telling her her troubles. Katie asked if she had ever been with anyone and Lily replied no. Katie could see Lily was still thinking about her alone time just a few minutes before…

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