The Big Easy, The Hard Way

Matt knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Making your way into the middle of someone else’s war was a sure way to get killed, and based on last time he saw New Orleans, he knew it wasn’t something worth dying for.

Luckily there was Death Zone, who seemed to be getting a little edgy wanting to blow something up, and a doctor who, hopefully, could keep him away from the grave.

He explained the mission. Death Zone had one question: Can he make things go boom? The answer was probably and with that he was game, no questions asked.

Matt spoke with the doctor, for the first time, man to man, about the war and what the doc could do to save their skins. He quickly reasserted the food chain and told the doctor that if he let either die, then he was coming with them.

They made their way around the market picking up as much as possible from food and water to guns and ammo. DZ simply picked up what was necessary to make his explosives and the doc got everything first aid related he could think of.

They were off.

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