The King, the Doctor, and Death Zone Reach the Border

After driving for several hours, Matt could see the Texas border.

As its name suggested, West Texas was the most westerly of the five states that comprised Texas. Its capital was at Dallas, but El Paso, which was where the crew of the Dreadnought now found themselves, was a regional hub. The city itself came into contact with two countries, the Gadsden Free State and Mexico Norte, and so had a massive military installation, improvised out of several used car lots and an elementary school.

The border was heavily fenced. Matt guided Dreadnought to a stop, its engine growling as it idled. Several guards stood still, cocking their weapons and pointing them at Dreadnought.

Presently a tank, a Soviet-era T-80, came into view. The guards opened the gateway for the lumbering war machine, which stopped right in front of Matt’s creation. The two seemed engaged in the ultimate staring contest.

Presently, the hatch sprung open, and a decorated military official stepped out.

“Welcome to Texas,” he greeted, laughing.

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