A Crowded Podium

“Ladies and gentleman, please welcome, the President of the United States!”

As one, the audience rose in rapturous applause, as Steven J Manilow took to the podium, a wide grin plastered across his face and a stars-and-stripes flag badge pinned proudly to his lapel.

Waving to the gathered masses, he still couldn’t quite believe his luck – he knew he’d probably regret it all later, but for now he was the most powerful human being on Earth, at least as far as he could see. This podium meant power.

Of course, he had barely finished basking in the adoration, wondering what he actually ought to say, when he was quickly whisked off again, to be replaced by a silver-haired gentleman who spoke to the people about health policies, the economy and terrorism.

Later that night, there was some explanations to be made in the White House.

“But Daddy, why can’t we BOTH be President?”
“Maybe someday Stevie, but for now you’ve got to let Daddy talk to the big crowds, OK?”

He frowned.

“But they liked me more!”

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