Something Strange is Growing in the Garden (Part 8)

Dirt Face laughed at Maggie’s demand.

“You threaten me with a water gun?” he mocked, “Surely you aren’t…”

Before the creature could finish his threat, Maggie squirted the water pistol filled with weed killer right into the creature’s large mouth. Gagging on the poison, it immediately let go of Stupid Pete, who ran inside the house as fast as he could, tripping a few times along the way.

“Now you’ve done it!” Dirt Face yelled.

Using his arm for leverage, Dirt Face tried to pull the rest of his newly grown body from the ground. The monster let out a deafening roar. At that moment Evil Kyle snatched the water pistol from Maggie and threw it in Dirt Face’s mouth. The creatures eyes bulged in surprise as it gagged on the poison filled water pistol. It struggled for a while, trying to use its hand to reach down its own throat and remove the pistol. Finally the creature sunk back into the soil and all was quiet.

Finally Kyle broke the silence.

“Your parents are pretty heavy sleepers,” he said.


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