The New Line

“What do you think of the training film, boss?”

“Where are the chicks, Simpson? Honestly, where did you find that kid to model it, the library? Where’s the sex?”

“It’s a discipline device parents put on their kids to keep them in line, sir. I’m pretty sure they don’t want their kids thinking about sex. In fact, R&D says they’ll have the Chastitron ready any day now for the full-body control experience.”

“Good point… Wholesome… Yeah, that’s good. I’m sold. Can we get it in different colors at least? My kid’s gonna want to bedazzle hers. Could we get a Hello Kitty version?”

“Right now it’s only available in stainless steel, but I’ll ask marketing what they think. I’m not sure the ACD would really work if it, you know, looks like a cartoon cat.”

“ACD? I thought we decided we were going to call it The Guiding Hand. Aberrance Control Device has no sizzle at all.”

“Oh yes, sir, sorry, sir. I keep forgetting. I wanted to call it Nurse Ratchet, but Marketing said no one would get it…”

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